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Sacred Hearts Goods

Breads, Dips, Mushrooms and Savories

Hummus & DIPS



"I was told I was gluten intolerant, but, in my case, it was the emulsifiers and additives that made me sick...people like me agree."

We are a boutique sourdough bakery; even our yeasted breads start from a culture.

We use organic wheat and rye berries and locally sourced specialty grains exclusively.  

We also use imported yeast free of synthetic wax emulsifiers.

All of our breads start with our aged sourdough cultures.


That's the difference!


Our staple breads are Sourdoughs Brioche Buns, Pan Cubano, and Hamburger Buns.

Wednesdays 4-7pm, April - Sep.

Leesburg Wednesday Market


Saturdays 9-12pm

Leesburg Farmers Market


Saturdays 9-1pm

Purcellville Farmers Market

Saturdays 9-12pm, April - Oct.

Clarke County Farmers Market

We can be found April through November

at the following markets and year-round at the

Leesburg Saturday Market 

Need something special or specific, just let us know what you need, and for how many?

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